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Let them eat Cake! Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake.

As a wedding planner our favorite saying at Kiss of Perfection is “It’s your day, anything goes”. This includes opting for a non-traditional wedding sweets! So what can you offer your guests in lieu of cake? There are so many options:

1. Doughnuts- are a huge hit lately, find a baker who can create a variety and deliver them fresh on your big day. Oreo, S'mores, Tiramisu, Blueberry ... skies the limit on these tasty treats.

2. Cheesecake- Hello DIY cheesecake bar! Have different flavors of cheesecakes and have guests add their favorite toppings.

3. Chocolate Fondue- variety is key for this deliciousness. How cute would it be to have each table brought a mini chocolate fondue pot and assorted desserts.

4. Ice cream- remember as a kid you went crazy when you saw that ice cream truck. Give your guests that same feeling again with an ice cream buffet. Don’t forget toppings!!

Wedding Cake table, Wedding cheesecake
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5. Mini tiered wedding cakes- if you are truly a cake lover, like myself, then offer individual mini wedding cakes on your desert bar they are cute, stylish and you can choose different flavors for each tier.

6. Of course you can never go wrong with a full sweets bar: Skittles, Gummies, Twizzlers, M & M add whichever candy you want. Just make sure to organize setup with your caterer and wedding planner.

Don't forget to bring in cultural foods. I absolutely love when couple's embrace their cultures. Incorporate your heritage in wedding treats, my family has a tradition of Jamaican Rum cakes.

Other great options: Mini bundt cakes, Peanut Butter Brownies, mini pies, Baklava, Buckeye balls, Gelato, make your own S'mores bar. Seriously if it makes your mouth water then add it to your sweets table! Hope this sparked some great ideas for you.

When you visit your local baker ask them what special treats they've made in the past to help you pick your menu.

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