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So you just got engaged, time to dress shop....THINK AGAIN. What to do before the perfect gown!

Bridal gown shopping is one of the most fun experience when planning a wedding. I get it that allure of the perfect wedding dress, the dream of walking down the aisle all eyes on you has us all giddy and excited! But so many brides overlook some really important steps during wedding planning that cause them stress later on in the dress shopping experience.

At Kiss of Perfection our wedding planners are all about helping you with each wedding detail and want you to plan stress free. Here are a few tasks you need to complete before you focus on wedding dress shopping.

Step 1: You and your fiancé should create your wedding budget and vow to stick to it. You don’t want to start trying on dresses and fall in love with one that is out of your price range. Estimate your wedding attire (dress, alterations, hair jewelry, shoes etc..) to be 5-10% of your total wedding budget.

Step 2: Hire a certified wedding planner! Many bridal boutiques offer wedding planners discounts on wedding dresses. At Kiss of Perfection we've built strong relationships with several boutiques including... Kleinfeld Bridal Party.

Step 3: Research what type of a wedding venue interests you. Obviously a ball gown for a beach wedding may be a bit uncomfortable so make sure you take the time to pick your venue type.

Step 4: Decide on a wedding theme for your day: Boho, Sleek & Modern, Gothic etc. Whatever reflects your style and tells your love story go for it! This step will help narrow down your blended style, guide you to your perfect venue and eventually that stunning dress.

Step 5: Book your wedding venue!! This is a must, bridal shops need to know your exact wedding date. The bridal salon needs to schedule enough time for the designer to create a gown specifically for you and provide you extra time for alterations.

Step 6: Pick your dress shopping entourage carefully. Too many opinions would drive anyone insane so choose the people who know you best so your appointment is less stressful, fun and runs on schedule.

Step 7: Pick a local bridal boutique. They have style experts that can help you choose the dress to hug your gorgeous curves and create that jaw dropping look every girl wants to see from her future to be. The ideal time to shop for your wedding dress is 6-9 months before your wedding date. But to avoid stress and rush delivery fees the earlier the better.

When you're ready visit one of our fav boutiques, their staff will be happy to help you find your Wow Gown. Have fun shopping!

The White Magnolia

Truly Forever Bridal

One & Only Bridal Boutique

Wedding dresses not your thing, keep a look out for our next planning post to assist in choosing the right wedding day suit for you.

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